Get one year of premium membership to our website plus extras for a heavily discount price with The Guide To Serbia Bundle.

We’re offering early adopters of our service the opportunity to get an amazing package at an amazing price! Through a unique pricing strategy called “Bumpsale” you can buy the bundle for a low, low price – maybe even a couple of Euro’s.

The Guide To Serbia Bundle consists of the following:

  • A year of our Platinum Listing Plan! (worth €350)
  • Two featured listings in our email newsletter (worth €200)
  • 14 days premium advertising placements on our website (worth €500)
  • A digital high-five (Priceless)

A grand total of €1050

Buy the Bundle Now! Be Quick! The price you pay is the price you get!

How does it work? The unique pricing system for our launch is pretty exciting: It starts at €1 and every time someone makes a purchase the price will increase by €1. For example, if you’re the 50th person to buy the bundle, you’d pay €50. This bundle is worth €1050 so no matter what price you manage to get it at, it will still be heavily discounted – which is great for you!

Once you make your purchase we’ll set you up to have instant access to the site to start listing your business and be in a position to start getting interest from customers.


Why does the price increase by €1 per purchase?
Why not? For our launch we decided to hit the ground running with an out-of-the-box idea because we like to do things differently.

Is there a maximum number of bundles available?
There is no maximum number of bundles available but there is a deadline to purchase. We’ll be turning the bundle off on December 31st!

What if I have other questions?
Then you ask a lot of questions! Just kidding. Send us an email at team@guidetoserbia.com and we’ll be sure to answer your question!

Buy the Bundle Now! Be Quick! The price you pay is the price you get!